www.shippingguide.in  is an online course material for those who are interested to learn about shipping and shipping professionals. It can be used as a reference book for students learning  shipping, ex-im trade and business management.

How www.shippingguide.in will help beginners interested learning shipping?

www.shippingguide.in eloberates  Trading & commerde, international business methods, payment  & carriage terms, georgraphy, ship & shipping management, cargo, harbour and port, chartering practice, container, logistics and supply chain, steamer agency, marine insurance & claims and  Indian shipping practice with  definitions, examples, drawings,  flow charts in simple English .

Is www.shippingguide.in provides certification course?

No, www.shippingguide.in is only a guide for learners and can be used as a reference book

Will www.shippingguide.in provides employment guarantee?

No, www.shippingguide.in will not guarantee for a job to subscribers, however  it is assured that whoever are through with the www.shippingguide.in  course materials will, certainly get job opportunities  in ex-im trade, tramp/liner shippin and logistics & supply chain service providing companies.

How www.shippingguide.in  will help professionals working in ex-im  and shipping companies ?

www.shippingguide.in  certainly will enhance the knowledge of professionals working in ex-im and tramp/liner shipping companies and the subscribers who are thorough with the course materials; no doubt will get next position to their present level.

Will www.shippingguide.in provides on-board job ?

No, www.shippingguide.in  provides more information pertaining to shore based operations;  few information on merchant navy is given which is useful for students who successfully completed matriculation  school willing to join in merchant navy courses.

Will www.shippingguide.in  be useful for other professionals ?

Of course, www.shippingguide.in can be used as a reference book  by advocates, auditors arbitrators, etc ., to know about the basic customs, chartering, transport rules.

 Is the course subscription fee is justifiable?

The subscription for direct payment of Rs.2500 for an account is reasonable for  maintaining  the website for 3 years. For gateway payment the service providers’ commission is included and in total Rs.2750. Other nationalities’ subscription fee is US$ 50 .

Should any qualification is required to subscribe www.shippingguide.in  ?

As  explained earlier, www.shippingguide.in is an online course material used as a guide and hence  there is no qualification is required to be a subscriber; those who are able to understand the simple English used in this guide can subscribe.

Willl www.shippingguide.in  be useful for personnel working in industry?

Yes; it would be useful for personnel employed in  industries, logistics, supply chain service providing companies on packaging, lashing & securing of cargo for safe transporation.