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Tramp agency managers & execurtive  duties and roles  & responsibilities, ;liner agency departementwise managers, executives and down the line staff  working procedure with flow chart  are defined in this chapter. 

Importantly, ship’s operational procedure, co-ordination with Government agencies, are eloberated in this chater which will be usesful for those involved in shipping activities.

Shipping Managers have  a through knowledge of Inernational trade, geographical data, ship & shipmanagement, chartering,  legal and claims matters and  should be  having  good relationship with their respective port, customs, immigration, port health authorities for smooth sailing of ship . He should have a good cargo knowledge, cargo handling equipments , especially  when handling  general cargo, heavylift, project cargo.   He should have  good contact with vendors, shipchandlers and other service providers for smooth handling of shipping agency.

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