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This chapter gives a thorough knowledge of ship, as it explains  from sailing ship to modern ship with drawings and photos .  Ship’s parts are shown with drawings and principal parts and dimensions of ships are narrated in detail .  Types of propeller, pitch, calculation of distance per revolution of propeller, and dimensions of cargo holds  explained in this chapter are very useful in calculating voyage revenue and expenses.The principal organisation which are involved in the construction and maintenance of ship are given in detail.

Ship building from keel laying to launching are detailed with photos for easy understanding of ship building process.

Tankers,  General cargo  ,Roll-on Roll-off, Dry bulk ships, details with photographs  and the cargo they carry are explained .  Specialized ship such  as nuclear and  nuclear waste carrier, forest carrier, Pure car carrier with their cargo loading pattern are given in detail.

Container vessel details with explanation of bay, row, tier and method of identifying cell location are explained in detail.

Luxury cruise vessel with photos of  interiors gives an idea about the luxurious marine travelling  is like travelling in a floating five star hotel.

Offshore vessels, hydrofoils, yachts, and other  marine installations are explained.

Updated Shipping terminology with glossary of terms are  given

Master (Merchant ship’s captain)., officers and crew  with their duties and responsibilities are also given in this chapter.

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