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This chapter explains the concept of cargo and different types of cargo with the properties.  Dry Bulk Breakbulk,liquid cargo loading, stowage and discharging methods are explained.

Drybulk cargo such as grains, fertilizer, minerals loading discharging, storage methods are explained.

Explanation on  stowage factor,  bale capacity, grain capacity, broken stowage are explained which is useful for  tramp ship agency Managerial and executive personnel for  their vessel operation,

Details of Dangerous cargo ,with codes and classification are shown .

Liquid and gas cargoes’ nature, properties, loading, discharging methods are explained,

Unitized cargo  palletization, with packing and lashing method are given in detail.  Different type of containerised cargo  the method of stuffing, packing, lashing for safe transportation are given .

Reefer cargo, their properties and character are explained  which are useful for  for reefer container handlers.

Tables of weights and measurements as well as glossary of tertms pertaining to commodities are included in this chapter.

This chapter will be useful for all those who are involved in  cargo and vessel operation.

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