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In this chapter viewers  can find the information on Atmosphere,  Hydrosphere & Lithosphere with pictures   which  are used  in day to day vessel operations.  Though most of the geographical terms given in this chapter might have been  learnt from  school  lessons,  considering the same is often used in the shipping trade especially in vessel operations department, same is compiled  and given here . Examples are Territorial sea,  Exclusive Economic Zone,High seas,Continental shell, Basin, Bay, Bay mouth Bar,Chart Datum, Low  & High Tide, Ebb Current, Estuary, Fathom,Humbolt Current, Hydrograph, International date line, Leeside, Maritime Airmass, Mean Sea Level, Neap  & Spring Tide, Relative Humidity, Metar Sandstro, Sea mile, Short Wave, Swell, Tide, Trajectory, Wave Length, Wind speed and many more.

Different types of  Ocean  and Climate, Stroms in Bay of Bengal, Monsoon Period, Names of ocean and sea, Trenches, Plains and Ridges, Relationship with Ocean and Atmosphere, Currents and Ocean Circulation, Beaufort Wind Scale, Mechanism of Trophical Cyclone formation, Open sea wave length are explained in this chapter.

Ocean currents and under water currents , winds, waves, stroms, typoons tsunami  details are explained in this chapter with photographs.

Continentwise and  Countrywise profile  as an atlas showing  , the total land mass, territorial sea , continetntal shelf,  Flag, Commodities being exported and imported , Currency used are given in detail.

Also  explanation with pictures on straits, canals and Bays  are given in details.

The general information given on ocean, sea,canals,straits, gulf, countrywise profile, will be useful in while learning with chartering, tramp and liner agency  operation .

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