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This chapter gives  details on Ship management , type of management, organisation in general,  safe, efficient management of ships, Technical activities. Crew management, Operations  in relation to ship management.

Master’s , Chief Engineers roles and responsibilities are explained in detail  which will be useful  for shipping agents to deal  in critical situation.

Laytime calculation will be useful for all concerned in vessel operation and chartering.

Ships design, less labour  intensive, designed for more efficient operation  with small crews, assessing work load, reduction in numbers and change in offier rating  is explained.

Relationship between operations and ship management, operational tasks related to ship management, voyage schedule, appointment of agents and stevedores, loading and discharging arrangements, bunker or fule arrangements, voyage instructions, costs and cost control methods are detailed in this chapter.

In general how to manage a ship efficiently, safely  are explained .   Insurance, claims matter  related to shipmanagement  are also given in a nutshell.

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