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Logistics and Supply  Chain  chapter  explains logistics services provided by breakbulk, containerised cargo operators ,different modes of transportation, warehousing practices and distribution system.  

Types of packaging,  labelling, printing, storing, warehousing FIFO, LILO process, different type of  truck load , full container & Less than Container Load  cargo  vanning, devanning process, costing are eloberated in this Chapter

3PL, 4PL  services, shipping, airlines, land transportation and warehousing procedures are explained   in a detailed manner.  Supply Chain covers, consumer products distribution from manufacturerers to consumers , cold chain ,  Automobile logistics services and reverse logistics process.

This chapter covers over all view of sea ,  rail, air, barge  operation, cargo delivered by hot air balloons to remote  places where access of other conveyance not possible , warehousing practices, distribution system .   

In this chapter, prepartion of quotation, planning & scheduling, deploying  personnel ,equipments and  execution of service are explained in a detailed manner.

The glossary  gives the expansion of terms used in logistics & supply chain  and also explanation of terminology being regularly used by  service providers.

Viewers go through this chapter thoroughly will get fair knowledge on how to calculate ship charter rate for tranporting bulk cargo, , container freight rate negotiaions, methods of consolidation of cargo in air/sea cargo, barge operation,  different type of cargo, cargo handling methods, working out rate quotations to customers and  deploying right personnel for excuting the job.

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